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Seereer Heritage audition (27 August 2022)

Our artists

Seereer Heritage has well over one hundred highly acclaimed and talented Seereer musicians on its books, and over fifty professional dancers who have undergone a rigorous casting/auditioning process, and have demonstrated proficiency in Seereer classical dance and dance repertoires - including Seereer-Siin and Cangin classics. We only work with the best of the best in Seereer music and dance. 

This page contains a list of artists (i.e, musicians) we are currently working with. Click on the artist's photo, name, or the green button to be taken to their full biographical page.


This page contains a dynamic list arranged in alphabetical order, and would require regular updating. The layout may change when viewing this page on your mobile phone or tablet. For upcoming shows and events, please see our calendar. For the Seereer Heritage's Dance Alumni, see that page.

Seereer Heritage - Agnès Maye Ndeb profile picture (December 2022)_

Agnès Mayé Ndeb

Agnès Mayé Ndeb is a njom singer, also known as laamb (Seereer wrestling singer). She is the daughter and backing singer of the legendary njom Diva Mayé Deb Ngom who was renowned in ultra conservative njom music circles.
Seereer Heritage - Capitaine Diop picture profile 2.jpg
Capitaine Diop

Capitaine Diop is a Seereer artist from Foundiougne. He has been singing professionally since 2019 and is a member of the band La Linguère. Diop is a vocalist and guitarist who plays traditional Seereer njuup and folklore music.

Diop is a versatile artist who sing, dance, compose, and play various musical instruments including the guitar and drum. 
Aïda Mbaye profile picture 20220921.jpg

Aïda Mbaye Yandé Codou

Aïda Mbaye Yandé Codou was the backing singer for her late mother, the legendary Yandé Codou Sène. She sings in the same style as her mother, and is a bona fide and highly acclaimed solo artist in her own right.
Ely Bour Sine at the Seereer Heritage's artist audition in Kaolack (27 August 2022)

Ely Bour Sine


Ely Bour Sine is a Seereer-Siin hip-hop artist/rapper.

Seereer Heritage - Bori Guedj live 2020.jpg

Bori Guedj

Bori Guedj is a Senegalese rapper and composer from the Seereer-Niominka ethnic group. Originally from Fatick, he has been making music since 2016, but actually started rapping in 2018. 
Seereer Heritage - Fatou Diambal Thior picture 1.jpg
Fatou Diambal Thior 

Fatou Diambal Thior (née. Fatou Thior) is Seereer-Niominka artist originally from Thialane who currently (as of 2022) resides in Dakar. Despite entering the music industry pretty late in life at age 30, Thior has garnered an extensive touring experiencing having toured all over the Senegambia region and Europe, notably France. 
Seereer Heritage - Fatou Sarr Thialane profile picture 1.jpg

Fatou Sarr Thialane

Adji Fatou Sarr Thialane (née. Fatou Sarr), more commonly known as Adji Fat Sarr Thialane, is Seereer-Niominka artist from the village of Thialane in Senegal. She is a renowned gamba player and one of Senegal's finest gamba musicians.
Mahecor Guedj Diouf
Mahecor Guedj Diouf (or Mayecor Diouf) is a Seereer Kaamee artist from Guedj Niakhar in Fatick (Senegal). He started singing at the age of 21, and has been a professional artist for 19 years. He is the lead singer of his group Diama Nolione.  Mahecor, who is a vocalist,  guitarist, composer, drummer and dancer, plays tradi-modern Seereer music as well as reggae.

Mahecor, who is an experienced recording artist, and was formerly signed by Sodave. Over the years, he has made numerous national tours including at Velingara, Mbambey and Kaolack. On 15th and 16th July 2022, Mahecor celebrated the 10th anniversary of his cultural show in Niakhar, his hometown. 

As well as music, Mahecor is an avid agricultural and cattle farmer. He is also a great contributor to charitable causes, and can sometimes be found raising funds to buy supplies for school children. 

Mahecor's most recent album was "Waaxsi Diambour". 
Seereer Heritage - Khady Thiao picture (December 2022)

Khady Thiao

Adji Fatou Sarr Thialane (née. Fatou Sarr), more commonly known as Adji Fat Sarr Thialane, is Seereer-Niominka artist from the village of Thialane in Senegal. She is a renowned gamba player and one of Senegal's finest gamba musicians.
Mame Seyni Tine

Mame Seyni Tine is singer from the Seereer Laalaa community.
Seereer Heritage - Latyr Faye Ngourané profile  photo

Latyr Faye Ngourané 

Adji Fatou Sarr Thialane (née. Fatou Sarr), more commonly known as Adji Fat Sarr Thialane, is Seereer-Niominka artist from the village of Thialane in Senegal. She is a renowned gamba player and one of Senegal's finest gamba musicians.
Marcel Diabia Ndong

Marcel Diabia Ndong
Marie Gueye
Marie Gueye
Marie Ngoné Ndione

Marie Ngoné Ndione
Ndeye Faye Diakhao
Ndeye Faye Diakhao
Seereer Heritage - Ndiaga Socé picture profile 1_edited.png
Ndiaga Socé

Ndiaga Socé is a Seereer-Siin singer, composer, and riti master from Thiofak, Kaolack (Senegal). He is a highly acclaimed riti (the one-stringed fiddle musical instrument) master and former protégé of the great riti master Mbissane Diange. Socé has been performing professionally since 1983 in his teens. His style of music is Seereer folk, riti, mbalax, hiyan, salsa and ndaga.
Remi Dioh
Remi Dioh
Ndick Sène
Ndick Sène
Seereer Heritage - Selbé Diouf profile photo 1 - 20221212_edited.jpg

Selbé Linguère


Selbé Linguère (née. Diouf), also known as Selbé Diouf Djilor, is a Seereer-Siin njom (or laamb) singer and composer from Djilor Dionik in the Fatick region of Senegal.


Selbé  lost her father when she was two months old and was raised by her grandmother. She started singing from an early age but stopped her singing career following her marriage.

Seereer Heritage - Paul Yass photo profile_edited.jpg
Paul Yass

Paul Yass (sometimes spelled Paul Yace) is a Seereer-Siin musician and composer from Senegal. He currently lives in Dakar. Paul started singing in 1999 at the age 17 as part of a church choir. He became a committed professional solo artist in 2009 and went on to form his band Keleing Keleing.
Sidy Kor Dior
Sidy Kor Dior
Seereer Heritage - Simon Sene profile picture 2.JPG
Simon Sène

Simon Sène, sometimes spelled "Simon Sene" without the French accent mark, is one of the most well-known and renowned Seereer and Senegambian artists of his generation. Sène is an avid promoter of Seereer culture. He is so vocal about the promotion and preservation of Seereer culture that he is sometimes colloquially referred to as "the Ambassador of Seereer culture" by certain members Senegal's political elite, the Senegambian music critics, and the Seereer artistic community. He is one of the most well-known composers, vocalists, and riti masters of his generation since the days of his idol, the legendary Mbissane Diange.

Seereer Heritage - Vieux Diouf profile picture_edited.jpg
Vieux Diouf

Vieux Diouf (b. 1974) is a Seereer-Siin artist originally from Fatick (Senegal). He started singing since childhood and was a regular contributor to his school plays and choir. He was a pupil of the Mahécor Primary School of Fatick (Senegal), where he attended his early education.  Despite singing since childhood, he took a long brake from singing and resumed in 1999, but became more serious about his career choice, and started working as a professional artist in 2014. Diouf is a member and lead vocalist of the Dioudiouf Mgog a Yiif band. 

Yandé Gning
Yandé Gning
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