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Paul Yass

Seereer Heritage - Paul Yass profile picture at A7R 90.7 FM - (2 August 2022)

Paul Yass at Radio A7R 90.7 FM



Paul Yass (sometimes spelled Paul Yace) is a Seereer-Siin musician and composer from Senegal. He currently lives in Dakar. Paul started singing in 1999 at the age of 17 as part of a church choir. He became a committed professional solo artist in 2009 and went on to form his band Keleing Keleing. He is sometimes fondly referred to as "Borom Keleing Keleing" (lit. "the owner of Keleing Keleing").  Paul sings Seereer folk music and has a smooth tenor vocal range with a controlled temperament.  


Despite being more known for his guitar playing skills, Paul also plays other musical instruments including the flute and piano. His last single as of 2022 is titled Nanam a noun which means "I heard you". He is constantly inspired by current social issues when composing music. 


Paul is a young talented artist full of inspiration with a golden voice. He is extremely hardworking, and constantly on national tours especially in Seereer country if he is not busy composing new material or attending radio and television interviews. On 13 August 2022, Paul celebrated his anniversary at his home town Modane, Bicole (Senegal). His next anniversary is scheduled for 13 August 2023 at Bicole. 

Paul's latest work as of December 2022 is on Seereer Heritage's single Ceereer ne ino mbogun released on 15 December 2022 which is the flagship track to the upcoming album Ino mbogu Seereer ne (to be released in 2023). On this single and album, Paul appears as one of the primary artists following Seereer Heritage's artist auditions held in Kaolack on 27 August 2022. 



Title: Ino mbogu Seereer ne (album).

Released: 2023

Label: Seereer Heritage

Format: Digital & USB music card

Role: Primary artist


Title: Ceereer ne ino mbogun (single, from the album Ino mbogu Seereer ne).

Released: 15 December 2022

Label: Seereer Heritage

Format: Digital & USB music card

Role: Primary artist

Title: Nanam a noun (single).

Released: November 2022

Label: -

Format: -

Role: Primary artist

Title: La Lionne du Sine (album).

Released: November 2021

Label: -

Format: CD & cassette  CD

Role: Primary artist

Selected tracks:

Niow ola no winn mbaal - (2021)

O maad à fadanga - (2021)

Tamsir Faye kelwar oxa - (2021)

Birame Diakhere - (2021)

Docteur Cheikh Kanté - (2021)

Mbollo moy doolè - (2021)

Kure Dar Sarr - (2019)

Saara Mundu - (2019)

Jam fana - (2019)

Annie Marie Sarr - (c. 2000)


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