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Single: Ceereer ne ino mbogun

Our long awaited single Ceereer ne ino mbogun (meaning "we share the same Seereer tradition" in Seereer) is finally here. It is a project that has taken a year, and the single is the precursor to the upcoming album Ino mbogu Seereer ne which comes out in 2023. The single is a collaborative effort between our production teams and twenty-four of our highly acclaimed and talented Seereer artists. Our artists have poured their hearts and souls into this epic track and album, and we are sure you will enjoy them. This track has received great reviews from Senegambian music critics and media personalities. The music video comes out in 2023. 


Marie Ngoné Ndione, Simon Sène, Fatou Diambal Thior, Aïda Mbaye Yandé Codou, Ndeye Faye Diakhao, Ndiaga Socé, Paul Yass, Selbé Linguère, Sidy Kor Dior, and Vieux Diouf (feat. Capitaine Diop, Remi Dioh, Agnès Mayé Ndeb, Bori Guedj, Fatou Sarr Thialane, Khady Thiao, Latyr Faye Ngourané, Mahecor Guedj Diouf, Mame Seyni Tine, Marcel Diabia Ndong, Marie Gueye, Ndick Sène, Ely Bour Sine and Yandé Gning).


Produced by:

Diégue Diame Diouf of Joff Nanoor Entertainment (Dakar, Senegal); and

Tamsier Joof of Seereer Heritage (London, UK).

Released: 15 December 2022

Label: Seereer Heritage 

Download price: £1.99 (GBP)—including free lyrics in PDF

To learn more about this project, dedications, and full credits, click the green button below.

Boy Lofine by Bori Guedj

Artist: Bori Guedj

Producer: Docterbeatz (beatmaker)


Released: 12 December 2021

Label: Seereer Heritage

Price: £7.99 (album), £1.00 (per track)


Availability: Individual tracks and album available from multiple outlets (click  on player).


The album, Boy Lofine by Bori Guedj was produced by Docterbeatz (producer/beatmaker). This album consists of 10 tracks with a total playing time of 32 minutes. The album pays homage to Bori Guedj's Niominka roots, and deals with spiritual and moral concepts. It is a fusion of Seereer folk music and hip-hop/rap, and also includes elements of ragga.

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