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The owner of this website is Seereer Heritage Press.  These terms govern your use of this website By using our website, you agree to be legally bound by and use it in accordance with these Terms of Use, our Terms and Conditions (which are available on request), our Publishing and Privacy Policies. If you do not accept or do not agree with these Terms of Use or any part of these Terms, then you are not permitted to use our website




No one is permitted to use our website except for the following private, non-commercial reasons : 

  1. Viewing our website
  2. General enquiries about our  booksmusic, or becoming a published author or recording artist through us.
  3. Placing orders for our products and services or submitting a proposal for publication or production of your book or music.
  4.  Making payment via our PayPal account
  5. Obtaining information for private use
  6. Viewing or downloading our free publishing policy, articles or transcripts for private or educational purposes (including free online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia), to use them as references with proper credit given to the author(s) and our website or partner (the Seereer Resource Centre).
  7. Visiting links to third party organisations on our website
  8. Using other facilities and/or features provided on our website for personal use

You are prohibited from using our website to mine, scrape or extract data for commercial purposes without our written permission.  You are prohibited from taking any material, content, etc., from our website and then edit or alter it before placing it on another website or just copying and pasting it onto another website.  You are not permitted to sell, reproduce, copy, republish, rent, host or lease anything from our website.  

You are not permitted to use our website for any marketing purposes unless we have given you permission to do so.  You are not permitted to send unsolicited e-mails to us or anyone using our website; you are not permitted to use our website to distribute computer viruses and or any malicious computer software or do anything on our website that may damage or impair our website; you are not permitted to use our website for any illegal, fraudulent or immoral reasons.  




We and/or our authors and artists own the intellectual property rights including but not limited to the copyrights, materials, content, logos, prices, articles, transcripts, colour scheme etc.  All these intellectual property rights are reserved.  You are only allowed to use the information contained on this website for your permitted personal, non-commercial use.  If you use any of our intellectual property, reproduce it on another website and/or for commercial purposes without our written consent, it will constitute a breach of our intellectual property rights and a breach of our Terms of Use.  Where such a breach occurs, we will have no hesitation but to take legal action against the offender.  




We reserve the rights to restrict certain areas or all areas on this website especially in cases of security without notice.




Anyone who breaches these Terms will have their IP address blocked from gaining access to our website and/or contacting their service provider to have them block their access to our website as well as suspended where appropriate. We will also take legal actions against those who breach any of these Terms contained herein. 




At our discretion, we may revise such Terms at any time. You are advise to visit the website, read, understand and familiarise yourself with any changes to the Terms.  




Our agreement with you is governed by our Terms of Use, Terms and ConditionsPublishing and Privacy Policy. They supersede all previous agreements as regards to your use of this website.  The sole purpose of this agreement is to benefit both you and us.  Our agreement is therefore with you and excludes any third party.  




These Terms of Use are applicable unless they are inconsistent with applicable law in which case the applicable law shall take precedence.

If any provision(s) in these Terms is and/or are deemed invalid under any applicable law, then the other provisions will nevertheless remain valid to the extent that, the remaining provisions are able to stand on their own without the provision(s) deemed to be invalid.




Our Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and any contract you enter into with us, shall be governed and interpreted by and in accordance with the laws of England.  If there is or are any dispute(s) arising out of or in connection with this contract, then such dispute(s) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.




The full name of our organisation is Seereer Heritage Press. We are the imprint and publishing house of The Seereer Resource Centre whose website is


Our contact details are as follows:



Seereer Heritage Press

152-160 Kemp House

City Road


United Kingdom



Telephone: +44 20 8133 0517


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