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Writing for us

Our authors are central to what we do. Writing for us means you will be assisted by a team who are well versed in Seereer and Senegambian history and cultural heritage. 


Working in partnership with you at every stage of the publishing process, we ensure that: 

  • you are assisted in building a great author's platform in order to sell your book;
  • you  have a say in every stage of the publishing process including editing, design, sales, marketing, production and distribution; 
  • your intellectual property rights are fully protected.

What we publish

Seereer Heritage Press publishes print books, e-Books and audio books that are important to Seereer cultural heritage, namely : 

  • Seereer history
  • Seereer culture, e.g. Seereer dances, music, cuisine, rites of passage, etc. 
  • Seereer religion 
  • Self-study languages of the Seereer people, e.g. Seereer-Siin, Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Sili-Sili (or Palor), Noon and Laalaa (or Lehar)  
  • Dictionaries in Seereer or any of the Cangin languages e.g. Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Sili-Sili (or Palor), Noon and Laalaa (or Lehar)  
  • Seereer children and teen books
  • Seereer poems, e.g. poems written in Seereer or any of the Cangin languages. 
  • Seereer medicine
  • Seereer proverbs
  • Seereer literature

In addition to this list, we also publish books relating to the history and culture of Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania. A book can be published in any language as long as it meets the requirements stated herein and our publishing policy.

If you require further information or guidance, you may contact us via our contact page.

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