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Our Story

In 2008, Tamsier Joof founded the Seereer Resource Centre (SRC) after several years of scouring the internet for self-study Seereer language courses but without success. The SRC was set up to preserve and promote the Seereer and Cangin languages and act as a resource to those wishing to learn the languages of the Seereer people, namely: Seereer, Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Sili-Sili, Laalaa and Noon. By 2010, the scope of the SRC was extended to include the preservation of Seereer religious doctrines, history, culture, medicine and genealogy.


Following the publication of the SRC's website in July 2013 (the first and only online resource to-date (as of 2016) dedicated to the preservation of Seereer languages, history, culture, religion, medicine and genealogy), Tamsier brought in some notable Seereer linguists and authors to assist in the manuscript of the self-study Seereer-Siin language course. This course will form part of the SRC's "Learn a Seereer Language Series"—which serves as a resource to those wishing to learn Seereer and the Cangin languages such as Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Sili-Sili, Laalaa and Noon. Due to personal commitments, some of the new team members had to postpone their involvement in the project, and the Learn a Seereer Language Series suffered a huge setback. During this time, Tamsier was toying with the idea of setting up a Seereer Publishing House, distinct from the SRC, that would publish titles relating to Seereer heritage. Ultimately, he decided that rather than set up a separate entity, the SRC will preserve, promote and publish works relating to Seereer heritage.


After the founding of Seereer Radio in December 2015, the SRC's workload increased significantly as a result of Seereer Radio's Cosaan Seereer programme—a show dedicated to the preservation of Seereer religion, history and culture. To ease the SRC's workload, Tamsier brought in Demba Sene (a friend and old colleague from the SRC) to help him set up Seereer Heritage Press. On 16th April 2016, Seereer Heritage Press was officially launched and it became an imprint and publishing house of the Seereer Resource Centre, publishing and distributing titles relating to Seereer history, culture and religion (A ƭat Roog).

Our Mission

Our mission is to collaborate with authors in order to preserve Seereer heritage in print form, and publishing high quality and informative titles that educates and inspires the reader and connects our authors with their readership.

What We Do

Working in partnership with our authors at every stage of the publishing process, we ensure that:


  • our authors are assisted in building a great author's platform;
  • our authors have a say in every stage of the publishing process including editorial, design, sales, marketing, production and distribution; 
  • our authors' intellectual property rights are fully protected.


Do you want to publish with us? If yes, please see our publishing policy.


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