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Along with publishing and distributing print and audio books relating to Seereer history, culture and religion, we also produce and distribute Seereer music made by talented Seereer artists. Here you will find highly talented artists working with us. If you are an artist that sings in Seereer or any of the Cangin languages (Saafi, Noon, Ndut, Sili-Sili or Laalaa) and would like help producing and distributing your work to the general public, we can help you. Read our policy and when you are ready to submit your work to us, do so using this form.  


Check out these great artists working with us and buy their music with the click of a button.  


The Seereer Resource Centre (SRC) is also composing a list of Seereer artists with their management and record label details. If you are a Seereer artist or work with Seereer artists, please ensure you join that project by e-mailing the SRC at This project would be useful in promoting your work and helping others who may wish to hire you for live shows. You can check out their current list by clicking here.

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